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Life In Cliff Notes

Ever feel like you completely disappeared into a vortex of your own, only you didn’t realize you disappeared into that […]

I Am That Tiger

There are many times I feel impassioned about Alex’s special needs.  Many times I feel a ferocious roar in my […]

The New Day Has Dawned

He said he never noticed.  Never saw them…that men don’t actually “see” these things. He’s said this often enough that […]

Sunrise of Silence ~ That’s Why I Wrote This

There’s something about seeing all the sacrifices you made turned into something meaningless. There’s something about watching the process over […]

Puppeting the Martyr

A shell of the woman I was?  Did everyone see the puppet strings?  The martyrdom?  Did I look like the […]

Afraid of Spring Break

Comments, they’re fuel to a blogger.  To communicate with readers, make a connection, build relationships through this form of expression […]

Who’s In Control?

My kids were driving my crazy.  Alex’s hyperactivity couldn’t be counteracted by anything I was doing.  The others were feeding […]