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The target group of our website is Mainzer students, and for these very special freshmen and students who changed their university location, our content aims to simplify the settling, getting around, orienting, and organizing at the University of Mainz. But also majoring student sees perhaps for other tips, which may be new to them!

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Types of College Scholarship

This is advice provided by a friend who is related to an organization that publishes samples of American education High School Equivalency tests, serving thousands of students so I think she really knows what she’s talking about.

One of the most potent investments in everybody’s life is education. In the upcoming, with a great education, you can start a serious job. With a great job, you can get a lot of money, so you can afford a rich life. Fortunately, there are ways for students who failed at first in high school to get hold of a secondary education degree so they can continue their education at a university. Great help is, for example, offered by the online GED classes and practice tests from

This is the reason why, nowadays, a college education is very expensive. A lot of companies are requiring for a college grade in your CV for a chance to start a nice job, because, you comprehend that, a nice job it’s not so simple to discover.

The truth is that not so many individuals can afford a college education. This is a reason for many students to work hard in their academics for getting a college scholarship or for others to exercise serious in sports, to have a chance to be observed by a college scout and receive a college scholarship.

Even getting into college is difficult, you need to have high enough the ACT score and even though you can take the ACT or GED exam many times, you need to pay for it every time you are taking exams. Add to this a price of books or learning courses and you will end up with a quite big bill. Fortunately, there is a growing number of online resources that offer free exam preparation. Still, you need to take the time to evaluate them.

The conclusion is that if you need to get to college, you should study hard or work seriously in your game. There are three types of college scholarship grants to take into consideration. Those three types are academic scholarship grant, athletic scholarship grant, and departmental grant. All of these have their individual touchstones that you should consider earlier the grant is awarded to you.

  • The Academic Scholarship Grant if supplied to students with exceptional academic performances, or students that have obtained honors. You should work hard to gain this type of scholarship grant because it is offered to students who are suitable for GPA. After you will be offered with this type of scholarship grant, the college will be claiming you to maintain maximum rating; else this form of scholarship grant will be canceled.
  • The Athletic Scholarship Grant is supplied to athletes with exceptional performance in a particular sports activity. Numerous students apply for this form of scholarship grant because this one doesn’t necessarily claim them to accomplish superior academic grades. They essential excel in a sport to be observed by a scout.
  • The Departmental Awards are allowed to students that excel in a particular department. These grants are given to students for keeping them good in a special department.

Don’t forget, if you don’t have sufficient money to finish college, you have to study serious, be excellent at a special department or in athletics. Without college training, your future won’t be as beautiful as you have dreamed all your life.

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8 Job Market Myths

Getting your degree is a first step towards your career, but finding a job can be a daunting task. The job market seems confusing, positions scarce, and applicants plentiful while myths are abound more than ever.

1. If I can’t find the right position for me, it probably doesn’t exist
This is a typical, though inaccurate conclusion drawn by many frustrated job seekers. According to study after study, over 5 of all job vacancies are not available through traditional resources.

The truth
Fact of the matter is that managers create positions for the right people every day.

2. I know how to hunt for a job
Most people look for a job by sending out their resume, Consider this: standard resumes produce one inquiry for roughly every 5 resumes a company receives, but only half of those inquiries result in an interview. Since one interview takes place for every resumes received and the average company conducts an interview before making one offer, resume senders are very disappointed.

The truth
Put old ideas behind you and learn to network.

3. I can always go to an employment agency
Of course you can, but remember that less than 7 percent of all professional, managerial, and executive positions are never listed with agencies. One survey I read revealed that the average employment agency is able to set appointments for only one of every 20 candidates who contact them. The others just don’t match their active position list.

The truth
Don’t rely on traditional employment agencies for help since over percent of the available top positions are not listed with them anyway.

4. A recruiter will actively market me to potential employers
That may have been true at some point in the past but today’s reality is that the average recruiter is in the business of filling vacancies for companies. There is a big difference. As a position seeker, understand that companies pay big commissions up to 5 of first-year salaries to recruiters and that cash buys loyalty as well. Instead of marketing a candidate to the company, recruiters may try to fit an available worker into a vacant position.

The truth
If you aren’t careful, a recruiter or job agency may try to manipulate you into a position you aren’t looking for. If the recruiter starts selling you on a company or position, move on.

5. The Internet or the classifieds are where I should look
The Internet is a great resource for information, but if you’ve ever posted a position on one of the major job boards, you know how many resumes and application you get thousands, sometimes tens of thousands. You may indeed find a position through the Internet, but chances are much better that there will be someone more qualified than you. If you desire a top position within a company, there is only a slim, tiny, minuscule chance the company is even looking to the Internet for an employee.

The truth
Answering ads and sending online applications is fine, but don’t get your hopes up. Newspaper and Internet classifieds account for only a very small percentage of available positions so spend only a small amount of time here.

6. Employers have all the power
Haha, umm, no. While it’s true that employers have the power to hire and fire, they are as concerned with finding good employees as position seekers are about finding good positions. Recruiting and training costs are a major concern to all industries. Part of the problem is that many position seekers postpone position screening until after they are hired. Too many people find out their job IT hat they wanted only after working for a few months.

The truth
An employer needs you as much as you need him. Instead of going after a single position, run yourself a job campaign and pursue a number of offers. You are in the driver’s seat.

7. The higher up I go, the more secure my position
This myth isn’t even funny anymore. More than 5, middle managers and senior executives got the a within the last few years and with the economy continuing to slide backwards despite Washington’s failed efforts, they probably won’t be alone. In fact, as you climb the ladder, you’re held to a higher and higher standard as you become responsible for the actions of more and more people under you. It can truly be frightening.

The truth
Be prepared. Develop your job search strategy no before you have to create a plan B. This is a great idea even if your position seems secure today.

8. The best-qualified people always get the best positions
Not true. The people who get hired are the ones who first learn HOW to get hired… and then they practice and hone their skills.

The truth
The ones who get hired are the ones who know how to research their target company, uncover its greatest needs and wants, and can adapt their skills and experience in such a way that the interviewer believes they are the answer to their prayers.