About Ersti

Ersti is a non-profit website focusing on helping people to get their degree studying in a beautiful Mainz and then help them with their career goals.

My name is Andrew and I’m the guy behind Ersti. Not too long ago…I was a high-flying top corporate executive, to speak to me over the phone or to meet me…you would have had to first check with the company receptionist who in turn would have to check with my personal secretary.

Although I was enjoying the income and perks of a top corporate executive, the pressures and demands of my position  made my life a stressful one.  So…not long ago, I decided to quit and get out into the ‘real’ world and go back to school and I moved from CA to Mainz. So here I am…running this website in my free time.

I heard about this website being released and I decided to step in. I would like say thank you to: Andreas Dautermann, Kris Brown, Sarah Levy (Petra Petersen) the “old” ersti tv team.

What’s relevant is that I’ve made it my life’s mission to tell the countless company employees out there NOT to feel too comfortable and to discard the ‘tomorrow-will-still-be-okay’ attitude. I want to share my experiences, successes, regrets, missed opportunities,  ‘what-if’ and ‘what-should-have-been’ thoughts.

I also had the privilege of interviewing and employing scores of company personnel…and worked with and managed even more. I’ve heard their ambitions, felt their frustrations and listened to their dreams. I hope that you’ll not leave this site until you’ve picked up at least one ‘gold nugget’ of advice or tip. Please feel free to share your career story.

What other say about us:
Ersti personifies the power of opportunity to transform our lives and make a difference in our communities.” — T. Reyes

” Ersti restores our proud Mainz University tradition of putting aside politics and putting students’ interest first.” –H. Frost

“Ron from Ersti has focused on the positive issues people care about, and he has offered hope to those who haven’t found a compelling reason to participate in the educational process in recent years.” – K.J.Johnson