Being A Hustler

Being a hustler. What does that mean exactly? For some, it’s something negative. To me, it’s about giving 110%. It’s taking action and going after the study program you want. It’s turning problems into opportunities. It’s doing the work, study hard, and manufacturing your own luck. It’s all about action orientation.

Whether it’s earning that degree, landing a big client, writing your first novel, getting that promotion, landing a sponsorship, hitting website traffic goals, or running a marathon; we have some big hairy audacious goals.

Once you reach the pinnacle moment that calls for a big celebration, what’s next? Will you still be celebrating 2 months later?

John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert, speaker, and author, has a sign in his office that says “Yesterday ended last night.”

It’s so simple but carries an important message.

When he celebrates reaching major milestones, that sign helps keeps him grounded and in perspective. He knows how and when to end the celebration because the next milestone awaits.

A hustler never gets complacent. Hustlers constantly think about how to improve their situation while being prepared to divert obstacles along the way. It’s a matter of establishing and maintaining momentum, even in the attendance of uncontrollable variables such as the staggering cost of attending college courses, though here, in Germany, it’s not as bad as back in the states.

Every day presents us with new challenges and new opportunities, especially for students looking for a chance to study abroad. If we allow complacency to capture our day; then we’ll be stuck with the challenges and be dodged by the opportunities.

Never Be Satisfied

While writing this, I took a break and stumbled upon a 20 minute documentary on Youtube about the making of Beyonce’s fourth album. I’m glad I found it because it’s a fascinating look behind the scenes and it’s perfect for this message.

Behind her success is someone who constantly looks to grow, improve, and raise the bar to new levels with every performance. Some students prefer to take a gap years before getting to college. If that’s also your strategy, fine. But after that, when you start off in college, having a hustler mentality will certainly prove to be beneficial!

According to Forbes, she made $35 million last year and has a net worth of $300 million. Add her husband Jay-Z’s fortune and they are filthy rich. She doesn’t need to work anymore, yet she still reaches higher.

What I learned from watching the video is that she’s a true hustler. She took a year off not only to relax but to recharge her creativity, studies a lot (though she didn’t need to find a loan for that like we need to do, and prepare for her latest album. She wanted a different sound; A different feel. She wanted it to be better than anything she’s done before.

Her work ethic is insane. She expects those working for her to match her intensity. If she’s not sleeping, then nobody is sleeping.

Do you want to be satisfied or maintain the momentum?

A hustler doesn’t do it only for the money. A hustler does it for the challenge and growth. Growth equals change. Keep pushing yourself to look ahead. What’s next? What’s the next goal? How can you build on your success? How else can I make a difference?

The same goes with failure. If you had a bad day, you know you can start over the next day. And when you’ve applied for a job, please don’t forget to send a thank-you letter. So important. Don’t hold on to whatever happened in the past. If you messed up, or failed, you have a new day to start over again. That’s the beauty of life. So fear not, my fellow student loaners, there’be light at the end of the financial tunnel!

Don’t be a One Hit Wonder

How you change and grow depends on your ability to let go of your successes or failures. Dwell too long on either and you’re going to see everyone pass you by. What got you to the top won’t keep you there if you stop taking action. There’s a requirement to keep moving in order to keep pace with progress.

No matter your success, big or small, you can’t live on it forever. You need to remember that life isn’t a moment frozen in time. You can’t freeze that big moment and expect it to always be like that.

Don’t be one of those music one-hit wonders from the 80‘s or 90‘s playing their only hit song at a bar of 10 drunken people twenty years from now cause that’s all they’ve got.

It’s a matter of adapting; It’s changing…It’s finding your next goal, even if it’s applying for a study loan, just set that goal and achieve it.

Being a hustler means keeping perspective and keeping your eyes on the road ahead rather than in the rear view mirror.

So next time you celebrate a victory: celebrate it, forget about it, and wake up the next day ready to focus on the next goal. Keep the momentum moving!