Essay Writing Format

Robert Louis Stevenson once quoted, “The difficulty of literature is not to write. But to write what you mean.” Essay writing can be overrunning for a writer’s mind and sometimes for the reader if the ideas are not placed in a proper sequence or manner. Writers waste their mental energy in bootless attempts to write content that serve no purpose. What’s key is the Essay Writing Format.

The question is how to escape this exasperation? Read on to the most basic guide to essay writing format! Basically, if you can’t talk about it don’t write!

Writers are assigned topics that may or may not interest them. In both situations, make sure you research the topic assigned to you! It’s mind-boggling at first step but it will change things and you would get way easier once you have thorough research, or else you fail miserably in getting your audience’s approval.

Be a critic.

Once you have knowledge based on your topic, you now need to initiate your own thought process. For that, you have to analyze the articles written by other writers. It would help you create an opinion. This would help you build your own opinion. Sometimes writers initiate their essay writing by reading other writer’s essays which is a weak base to start with as their knowledge about the topic itself is weak! So they can’t defend or argue a point.


The thesis is your viewpoint on a particular topic that is gathered in one line. When you’re in college, you’ve had some opportunities to write a good essay. Regardless whether you receive a scholarship or not, understanding how to write a good essay should be one of your top priorities.

Rough draft

Don’t start punching on those keys unless and until you create a list of points which would serve as a guideline/ outline for your essay writing format. This would help you stay on track! Knowing how to write a well-designed essay will also help you with applying for a student loan.

Introduce your idea: Introduction

You must have heard that ‘Introduction’ is the most important part of your essay writing format, indeed it’s true! Concentrate on creating a concise content in the first paragraph. Don’t give out the whole story or argument but create an idea for the reader what to expect.


It is important to know that if you want to keep your essay from being half-baked and dulling you should concentrate on assigning one paragraph to new idea each time. This would keep your reader from getting bored. You intend audience would stay hooked on your content and it will also help you when you help underachieving students.

Ending it …

It can be the worst written part of your essay or the best! People ignore the ending as they assume it’s not important. The ending is the only part which creates an impact on your audience; it’s that piece of text from your whole essay with which your reader walks away after putting down the paper. It’s your message to your audience as to why you wrote it and what change you expect. You may end it with a beautiful quote to celebrate your idea or a question to raise curiosity in your audience. The steps you just read would help during the tiring work of essay writing in no time!

Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation writing is an ultimate piece of academic writing that entails conceptual knowledge about a certain topic in brief. It is an intimidating part of higher education without which the studies seem to be incomplete. It requires brilliant analytical evaluation abilities in order to construct a conceptual and well-researched dissertation. See also this post How to Write a Research Paper

A dissertation is not all about writing a document but is a multidimensional paper which illustrates certain problems and possesses for its solutions. It is based on information taken from authentic sources. Identify the sole purpose of selecting a dissertation topic. That’s what dissertation writing is about, even at times when you question yourself what it exactly is what you’re doing.