What do you like best about summer weekends? and other questions

summer-011. What do you like best about summer weekends?
Fridays. I love waking up on sunny Fridays and knowing that the weekend is ahead of me. Also? Friday morning commutes during the summer totally rock.

2. What is your favorite summer event?
That would be my birthday on August 29th. But this year I am in Mainz.

3. Do you usually plan a vacation for the summer? Are you going anywhere this year?
Actually? We really don’t. Our last big trips were in the spring, Greece last April and France this past May. Last summer we did smaller summer trips – including weekend trips to the Cape, visiting the family in Seattle in August. This summer we don’t have anything planned other than day/weekend trips, since we, you know, bought a house to enjoy all summer! In late August I’ll be returning to Mainz though for college.

4. What are you favorite types of summer clothes?
I’m with Meg – I hate shorts. Shorts should be outlawed. Especially jean shorts. Sorry to anyone who still wears jean shorts. Another summer fashion abomination would be men in tank tops. Just…no. There are so many summer fashion “don’ts” that it makes me yearn for fall and the return of cozy sweaters. To answer the question, though, my favorite summer clothes would have to be cute skirts and capris, with flip flops and sandals a close second, but again, only on well maintained feet. Don’t even show me your gnarly toenails.

5. Which would you rather visit in the summer – (a fancy cottage at) the lake or the ocean?
Ocean, hands down. Not a big fan of lakes. But really, if you’re going to let me sit out by the water, who am I to argue? I’d rather be out by the water than inside in a cottage in either place.

6. Have you ever eaten a chocolate starfish?

7. What are your plans for 4th of July weekend?
Contemplating taking a 4 day weekend, buying a gas grill, shopping for outdoor furniture (Adirondack chairs, specifically), and going to one of the weekend Sox games. Other than that, I’m not sure, at least when I am home in the US.

8. What were summers like when you were a kid?
Total beach bums, we were. We had a house on the beach, right on the water, so we’d wake up, roll out of bed, and roll onto the beach, every summer, all summer long. On the off chance that we were home, we had a pool in the backyard, so I’d hang out there. No wonder I got skin cancer. As I got older, I much preferred the beach to the pool, and it stuck. I get nervous when I’m more than an hour away from an ocean at any given time!

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