Our World’s Technological Epidemic

No, do not run away from this read due to such a long, drawn out, title. It looks all scholar-ish and what not, but it totally fits. For those of you who do not know what an epidemic is, shame on you! Intuitively, it usually refers to a period of time when a disease spreads rapidly; everything seems to be happening all at once, while affecting many people at the same time.

In this case, I’m not referring to a disease, unless of course, you consider society’s current phase of “technology this, technology that” revolution a disease. It seems like every day, a new machine has been created to supposedly make our lives so much better, but are such machines really making our lives easier or making us [society] lazier? Think about it…

How often is it that you see a new cell phone perform tasks that does everything from your T.V., iPod, digital camera, to your video camera? If they keep this up, pretty soon, the need for something so basic as a television will be no longer because you could carry that, among other things right in your back pocket.

I’m all for making things happen with a click of a button, but I’ve grown to realize that when I have such an option, I do nothing but become lazier. Don’t deny yourself this case, it’s happening to all of us. The fact remains that this technological era is far from coming to a halt for business are just continue their antics to see who can make more money and have the snazziest piece of “equipment”.

Notice, I did say equipment. Before you know it we’re going to be able to whip out an ink pen and create disco lights and blast music. A party on the go… You can just guess someone will think of it, for it is highly inevitable. Who knows, maybe somewhere in the heart of Asia, it’s already possible.

Why did I bring up such a random, yet relatable topic? Well, today upon my typical net browsing (heh, on the awesome computer, of course, the leader of technological devices) I found out that Google is coming out with a new phone. Now, being the person so drawn out from the news, I may very well be late knowing this, but I got one look and shook my head in shame.

Should I be excited? Well, yeah. I’m all for innovation, but now it’s basically just about competition. When the Sidekick came out, I thought that was enough. Then the iPhone, I thought “Couldn’t get any better than this…”. Yet here we are, less than one year later seeing a new phone set out to take the iPhone by storm.

As you can see, it closely resembles its cousin the sidekick, but as nowhere near as attractive as the iPhone, or any hi-tech phone for that matter. Instead, it’s a lot more bulkier due to some of its interesting features. It weighs a lot more than your typical phone, about 5.6 ounces. If you hold one, you’d definitely feel the unusual extra lift. I don’t mind having a phone with loads of features, a simple camera phone will do for me. I’m interested as to see how this phone will do.

Anyway, because I’ve had some time for the site, there are updates! A fair amount to be made all in one day. *pats self on shoulder*. Enjoy:

Yeah, I’m going to get back on my A-Game so check back as often as you used to. Leave some feedback, it’s always appreciated!